William Tyndale: Ransome For The English Bible

The English Bible is lettered from Genesis to revelation consisting of the old testament and the new testament totalled 1,189 chapters. A lot of chapter I know you would say! But do you know the bible was translated into the English Language by a single person. What a great act of benevolence!.

  But it is shocking to tell you that the said person who translated the bible into English Language was burnt alive on October 6, 1536. He was alleged to have committed a crime to make the bible readable by non Romans and Greek, what a pain over a labour of love!

  Brutal as this incidence may be, I present to you William Tyndale, a patriarch who schooled in Oxford and Cambridge  University and clearly speaks, read and write in 7 languages of the world. He was influenced by the works of Erasmus Of Rotherham and Martin Luther. His biblical translations were draw directly from Hebrew and Greek texts.   It was suspected that this young man was betrayed by Henry Philips to the imperial authorities. He was seized in Antwerp in 1535, he was condemned to be burnt to death after he was tried of heresy in 1536. His Last words were ‘’Lord! Open the king of England’s eyes.

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