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Your Health: Stop Sleeping On The Bed And Use The Floor For This Health Reasons

Many people say sleeping on the floor on occasionally bases helps reduce muscular pains, joint pains and gives better position that enables easy and undisturbed flow blood from the heart and other parts of the body.

However true this assertion may be, there is no 50% evidence from medical experts that supports this believe.

It is important to note that many cultures in the world uses the floor as a sleeping, and this way of leaving has been in practice for decades without causing any side effects.

Some say Sleeping on the ground is, in fact, a pleasure if you get used to it. Of course, in the starting stages, you may miss your mattress but gradually you will get used to it.

In this article, we are going to explore the health related benefits of sleeping on the floor.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping On The Floor?

From our introduction above, we see that many people say that sleeping on the floor helps in reducing muscular pains, joint pains and helps in the flow of blood to different parts of the body.

It is important to be sure of the listed benefits of sleeping on the floor before embarking on the quest of replacing your mattress with the floor. More medical research should be done in consultation with health personnel/experts.

  1. Improves Posture
  2. Makes The Body Cooler
  3. Better Blood Circulation
  4. Helps Your Hips

Improves Posture

floor sleeping position

It is possible that sleeping on the floor may improve posture. Indeed, the spine is more prone to curving on a soft surface, so sleeping on a firmer surface may help align and straighten the neck and spine.

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Makes The Body Cooler

A very bold point that anyone can be very confident about when it involves sleeping on the floor is that it makes the body cooler. During the high temperature of heat at night, people tend to go close to the floor or lye on the floor to experience the coolness of the floor. This helps to reduce the body heating temperature in a hot night.

However, it is advisable that you should be aware of your present health condition before taking this step.

Better Blood Circulation

blood circulation

The blood circulation may get better, and your body-mind coordination becomes better when you sleep on the floor. It makes the healing mechanism work well. Recognize that sleep is nothing but a healing session.

Helps Your Hips

Yes, even your hips can align well when you lie down on the floor. We all know that wrongly aligned bones or any other muscle can cause pain and discomfort.

healthy hips

Is sleeping on a floor good for you? Consult the doctor first. If you have any health concerns, muscle pains, injuries or other medical difficulties, it is not advisable to try this. Only the doctor can choose. Others can try this to see health benefits.

The Best Ways To Sleep On The Floor

The following tips may help people who are sleeping on the floor for the first time:

  • Ensure that the sleeping area of the floor is clean and free from clutter that could cause injury or accidents.
  • Experiment with layers of bedding, such as blankets, pillows, thin cushions or mattresses, mats, or pads.
  • Try out some different positions to see what suits best and where someone may need extra support, such as more bedding or a pillow. Pregnant people may prefer to support their bump when lying on their side, for example.
  • Start by sleeping on the floor for short periods, such as by napping there or only sleeping there for part of the night. Gradually increase the length of time as the body grows accustomed to the firmer surface.
  • It may help to place plywood under a mattress to increase the firmness level. People who are thinking about sleeping on the floor could try this first to grow accustomed to the firmer feel.
  • Be sure to air any mattresses and bedding that touch the floor whenever possible. This can prevent mold from forming.
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Disadvantages Of Sleeping On The Floor

People with allergic conditions may find that the following symptoms increase with floor sleeping:

  • sneezing and an itchy, blocked, or runny nose
  • itchy, red, or watering eyes
  • wheezing, coughing, or difficulty breathing
  • rashes

It may be necessary to vacuum and clean the floor more frequently to avoid irritation.

Mattresses and bedding that people use on the floor have an increased risk of bedbug infestation. To reduce this risk, it is better to have the mattress raised slightly and to ensure that no bedding touches the floor.

Mattresses need adequate air circulation to prevent mold from developing. A lack of air circulation around the mattress can increase the risk of sweat being trapped inside, with mold and unpleasant odors developing as a result.

Just as hot sleepers may prefer the cooler experience of sleeping on the floor, people who are more likely to wake up chilly may find their sleep more disrupted with floor sleeping.

Also, people with underlying health conditions that affect blood circulation, such as anemia or diabetes, may find that sleeping on the floor makes them feel much colder.

Sleeping on a harder surface, such as a floor or a firm mattress, can sometimes reduce circulation further. This is because the extra pressure on some areas of the body — such as the buttocks, shoulders, and lower legs — may limit blood flow.


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