5 People Have Been Hospitalized After Pedestrian Bridge Collapses On A Highway In Washington D.C

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 23: Debris is seen after a pedestrian bridge collapsed on June 23, 2021 in Washington, DC. At least six people were reportedly injured on Wednesday when a pedestrian bridge collapsed onto DC-295 and trapped a truck containing 500 pounds of diesel fuel. (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

According to reports, On Wednesday, June 23, on DC-295 near Polk Street, 5 people have been hospitalized after a pedestrian bridge that was in a bed condition collapsed on the busy highway in Washington DC.

D.C. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Chris Geldart said during a press briefing Wednesday afternoon that the bridge collapsed due to a collision.

He said  a truck carrying diesel fuel may have collided with the bridge, causing it to separate from its mooring, and Multiple cars were then involved in the crash, with five people in those cars transported to local hospitals.

“Everything we see on the accident scene right now leads to this being a collision pulling the bridge off its mooring,” 

He said; The crash investigation and bridge removal could continue through Thursday, with traffic on the highway halted in both directions,

A May 25 inspection report gave the bridge a rating of “poor condition,” prompting a plan to replace the bridge, he said.

The bridge still had “good structural integrity,” and the rating was due to the decking, the part of the bridge which people walk over, Geldart said during a press briefing Wednesday night. 

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