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5 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

Relationships take work, but making improvements doesn’t have to be painful labor. Building relationship is very hard and takes a gradual process.

Even small changes in your communication and interactions can take your love story from sweet to stratospheric.

Here are things you should know that will make your boyfriend love you more;

1. Avoid taking your boyfriend for granted.

7 smart ways to stop being taken for granted in a relationship | The Times  of India

Taking your partner for granted is one of the common most common challenges in relationships, but it doesn’t have to wreck yours.

Try reflecting a few times a week on things you love about your boyfriend. Maybe it’s how he knows exactly when you’ve had a terrible day and brings your ice cream and chocolate or takes you to a movie. Constantly examining everything he does to see if he “really” loves you will only make you both anxious and stressed out.

If he says he loves you, and his actions generally bear that out (remembering that everyone slips up occasionally), take him at his word.

2. Be an active listener

How to Be an Active Listener in Your Marriage

Being an active listener can make your partner feel comfortable around you. I know it can be easy to “tune out” of conversations, especially if you aren’t really into them or you’re distracted with your own stuff.

This shows that you’re into what your boyfriend’s saying. Ask little questions like “And then what happened?” or “What did you do?” You can also nod and use minimal encouragers, like “Uh-huh” or “Oh.”  When you’ve had a conversation with a lot of info, summarize the main threads. This shows that you were paying attention and offers space for tweaks or feedback.

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3. Avoid blaming

Why You Need To Stop Blaming Your Boyfriend For All That Goes Wrong

Ladies need to stop blaming their partners for every mistake. Especially if you’re consistently having similar issues arise in your relationship, you may need to step back and reevaluate how you’re treating your man.

Sometimes questions and statements that focus on “you” messages and “whys” can cause problems. These sounds blame and make the other person shut down or respond defensively.

4. Avoid preaching to your partner


Looking For An Easy Sermon? 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Preach Other People's  Sermons -
Preaching is best left to professionals in pulpits. It’s tempting to give others advice, especially when you’re in a relationship. If someone has asked for your advice, then offer it. Otherwise, it can come across as patronizing, preachy, or like you don’t trust the other person enough to make his own decisions.

5. Talk about the embarrassing stuff

47 Embarrassing Questions to Ask a Guy | LoveToKnow

If you don’t share the intimate, sometimes embarrassing thoughts, needs, and feelings you have with each other, your relationship can suffer. Studies show that people who don’t openly communicate their feelings and needs with others don’t feel as emotionally secure or generally happy as those who do.

Studies have also shown that couples who don’t communicate openly and directly with each other are more likely to feel uncertain about their relationships.


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