Actor Obi Czer calls out RMD for crippling Nigeria movie industry


Actor Obi Czer blames eteran nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), for his role in the crippling the movie industry.
he shared this post via his official Facebook page on Wednesday, 9th of July.

Obi Czer said he had always loved RMD until he became a part of the industry.
The actor also said that, RMD helped collapse Nollywood because of the amount he charges to appear in movie productions.

The young actor claims that RMD gets paid between of N250k and N400k when he should be charging as much as N5m for every appearance he makes in Nollywood productions

Actor Obi Czer quoted ”
“I love this man when I was growing up as a kid but after joining Nollywood and standing up for what was right in Nollywood I found out that this man was among the architects who killed Nollywood”
“RMD was collecting mere 250K-400K just to be in movies, he might say he’s doing it for passion because he loves acting but he was killing the industry with such salary when he was meant to be collecting 5,000,000 per movie.”
The young actor added that RMD’s action has dire consequences on upcoming actors in the industry who are often forced to charge less since the big stars do not charge as much as they should be doing”.

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