#AprilFool Prank Gone Wrong; See What Happened To This Girl After Trying To Prank Her Lover

April Fool

Yesterday, we saw the start of another month. The new month of April (the fourth month of the year). We are largely appreciative to be alive to observe the start of another month in the midst of the multitude of difficulties we right now face in the country.

One thing which remarkably makes April stand apart from different months is that the main day of April is commended as “April nitwit’s day”.

This is a day when individuals attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to trick their companions in a comical way which may leave the last humiliated.

See what happened to this girl when she tried to prank her lover with breakup

See this post on Twitter about how a WhatsApp April fool visit turned out badly and the kid left out of resentment.

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