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Aunty Ramota Shows Up After BBL Surgery Rumour

Ramota Adetu, popularly known as Aunty Ramota, internet sensational actress, has debunked the rumour that she was in a coma as a result of an unsuccessful Brazillian Butt Lift.

On Wednesday, in a video clip, Aunty Ramota was seen eating and showing off her full body while claiming that nothing was wrong with her.

The small-statured actress Speaks in the Yoruba language to dispel the rumour, saying, “My lovers, thank you, nothing happened to me. This is my body.”

In a now-viral video, a lady who appeared to be Ramota was carried around by medical personnel in a yet-to-be-identified hospital.

Ramota, who is known for her comedic roles, appeared unconscious in the footage as she was seen breathing through an oxygen mask.

An individual claimed Ramota came for a BBL surgery that was not successful.

“What is Ramota doing here? What has she come to do here? Why is she here? Do not call me into this kind of situation. Do not call my name. I am not here,” a voice can be heard saying.

Another person in the video responded: “She came to do BBL. Yes. She is just here since after the operation they performed on her.”

The rumours went viral on social media, stirring curiosity and concerns among her fans.

Reacting to the speculation via Instagram, the comedian and on-screen ‘husband’ of Aunty Ramota, Ganiyu Kehinde, popularly known as  Ijoba Lande, said he was unaware she underwent surgery.

The skit maker argued that rumours about Aunty Ramota undergoing butt surgery and falling into a coma are “false”.

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“Please, Nigerians, all that they have been saying about Aunty Ramota being in a coma is a lie. She is not in a coma. There is no one I know with her that I could reach. And I did not intend to talk about it before, but anytime I came online, people kept asking me about the whereabouts of Aunty Ramota.

He said, “I thought it was real also when I saw a video of Aunty Ramota being pushed on the bed. I swear to God I do not know anything about it.”


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