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Benefits Of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper is a spice that is widely used in many cultures for religious rites, food flavor, entertainment, and as a part of many traditional doctor’s medications.

Benefits of Alligator Pepper.
It can be used for food spices like pepper soup, yam soup, Kunu, fried rice, etc.

*ENTERTAINMENT: Alligator pepper, ósè ọ́jị́ with kola nuts are used in naming ceremonies in Igbo land, presented to guests when they visit, and for other social events with the kola nut rite. The Igbo also eat the alligator pepper together with kola nuts.

Alligator pepper is a worm expellant and a diuretic; it heals wounds and treats malaria. Traditionally, it is used to treat fibroids, etc.

They are a lot to know about alligator pepper and how to use it…




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