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“Chioma isn’t Davido’s first wife,” Anita Brown admits in a stunning revelation.

Davido’s purported pregnant side chic, Anita Brown, appears to be venting her fury at the singer’s wife, Chioma.

Despite being out of the spotlight for approximately 8 months, Chioma has become a target of social media scorn due to her husband, Davido’s, constant philandering.

From claiming the couple sacrificed their child to revealing Chioma’s pregnancy status, the soon-to-be mother of one has been revealing private details about the marriage.

Anita stated in a new post that Chioma is Davido’s second wife and the mother of his second child, Hailey, while Amanda is his first wife.

Davido Baby Mama
Chioma isn’t Davido’s first wife”- Anita Brown makes shocking revelation, reveals his first wife

This was expressed both during her Instagram live session and in a reply to a fan.

“Bebe so fine,” a fan had written. If they assault, tell them Chioma was also a side girl promoted to second wife, and Amanda, Hailey’s mother, is David’s first wife.”

Anita Brown confirmed it, writing, “They don’t hear u tho.”

Anita Brown has only disclosed the first of many secrets to the world.

Anita Brown

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