Commissioner For Gender Affairs Tells Women TO Stop Breastfeeding Their Husbands, Breast Milk Is For Babies

 Hon. Peace Nnaji, Commissioner for Gender Affairs Enugu State needs women to stop ‘Breastfeeding’ their husband and keep the breastmilk for their babies rather.

At a UNICEF media dialogue, the commissioner declared this with selected journalists from South East, South-South, and parts of North Central.

According to her, it was wrong for men to be sharing their wives ‘Breastmlk with the babies while she vowed that Breastmilk is naturally meant for “the baby and not the man”.

she wrote ” Breastmilk is meant for babies and not their fathers. Mothers should stop feeding their husbands with their breastmilk, it’s for their babies.

” It’s wrong for mothers not to breastfeed their babies for fear of having flat or saggy breast.”

Mothers should practice exclusive breastfeeding of their babies for at least the first six months after birth because it has numerous benefits , The commissioner added .


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