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Davido Prostrates to greet Dele Momodu after calling him ‘my boy’ years ago

Davido Adeleke caused a buzz when he prostrated to greet media mogul Dele Momodu, despite previously referring to him as “my boy.”

Their history is marked by a past conflict, stemming from Dele Momodu’s support for Sophia Momodu, Davido’s first child’s mother.

Despite previously referencing their conflict in a song by referring to him as ‘my boy,’ Davido displayed respect during his visit to his uncle, Governor Ademola Adeleke, at his Osun State office.

The viral video shows the singer humbly prostrating to greet Dele Momodu, sparking discussions and admiration for the evident personal growth displayed by both individuals.

Davido prostrates to greet Dele Momodu after calling him 'my boy' years ago (Video)

“What a day today at The Penthouse, filled with love, joy, and fun. Massive thanks to The ADELEKEs and all our friends who turned up at the shortest notice…,” he wrote.


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