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Election 2023: NPQ Group Urges To Join Presidential Race

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele has been urged by the Nigeria Patriot Quest (NPQ) to join the race for the presidential seat in the year 2023.

The group by its Co-coordinator, Ahmed Tijani, in a statement said they would continue to make the call because Nigeria is now at a crossroads and would require the care and nurture of a man like Emefiele to take the country to the promised land of rapid development.

Speaking on the reasons for calling for Emefiele to run for the presidency,  the NPQ noted in the past two decades, Nigerians have entrusted their fate in the hands of professional politicians with barely anything to show for it.

The Group said:

“If we must be honest to ourselves, we can say without any fear of contradiction, which the professional politicians have succeeded in running the nation aground. We have witnessed a relay race of politicians handing over the baton of leadership from one uneventful administration to the other. Our patience is totally exhausted,”.

NPQ that the country requires a new shift in leadership from the old to the new, noting that the people are not carried away by the rhetorics of the old brigade who are now cat-walking the national walkways in order to sell to the citizenry their expired recipes.

The statement hinted that it is time for the nation to support and encourage the emergence of a new type of leadership.

The group said they believe that Emefiele falls squarely into the mold of leadership that the nation deserves at this time.

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NPQ said: “We have watched, with great admiration, his dexterous and self-effacing management of the affairs of the CBN.

We are astonished by the skillful manner with which the CBN intervened in the major sectors of the economy: agriculture, finance, and industries.

“Only recently, as Nigeria is once again enmeshed in the man-made tragedy of fuel scarcity and power failures, we read of his intention to use the instruments of the CBN to try and bring succour to our long suffering compatriots. This is the hallmark of a leader.

“What distinguishes a great leader from others, is his ability to proffer solutions; that capacity to visualise and pursue relentlessly the vision that things could and would be better.

“If Godwin can make all these positive impact as the Governor of CBN, which is just a department in the huge edifice of governance, how much more if he becomes the President of the country.

“We have said it repeatedly that the professional politicians, some of whom have become permanent fixtures of government in the past 20 years or more, with little or nothing to show for it, should respectfully step back and allow the new leadership to emerge.

“As a nation moves from one challenge to the other, it must evolve the right strategy to overcome those difficulties.We have arrived at the point where the old solutions have failed woefully.


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