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From Grace to Grass- Nigerian billionaire becomes a Taxi Driver.

The Popular Nigerian Billionaire Who Became a Taxi Driver shared details in an interview, why he now drives a taxi.

The man who goes by the name: Goddy Anabor, was once a billionaire but now works as a taxi driver to makes ends means. He was a popular businessman years back, commonly known for his nickname “Ikeja axis”.

In an interview, the former billionaire opened up on how he lost all his money and became poor.

He revealed that he had helped three people to become billionaire’s way back, but all these people he helped back then completely turned their back on him.

And according to Goddy, he made his riches through numerous investments but had lost all of them because the people he entrusted his businesses to mismanaged it and there were also corrupt in their dealings.

Anabor disclosed  how his second wife Anthonia shared business money with people on purchases and supplies.

He also Shared how he met her at the police station when he once had a case at the station where she was a Sergeant.

And in order to go out of his predicament, Goddy Anabor had to sell majority of his properties.  

Anabor, sold his house that was worth 300 million for 84 million to a drug lord, “Basorun A.K”. 

The former Nigerian billionaire also revealed that he lost his fleet of over 50 cars which included, Bentley, Rolls Royce and other Automobiles.

He also declared that, even though he is down, he is very glad to be alive.


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