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His Two Kidneys have failed -Jay Boogie’s friend cries out

The medical condition of the popular transgender Jay Boogie has worsened. Recalling few days ago, it was reported that Jay Boogie in a video shared online breaks into tears while revealing that he has spend all his live savings on her present condition following the failed BBL surgery.

Two of his kidneys have failed, he needs transplant" - Jay Boogie's friend  cries out Akelicious

Jay Boogie had earlier took to the internet to publicly criticize his doctor for conducting a poorly executed surgery that poses a serious threat to his life.

The botched surgery at a Lekki hospital resulted in his inability to urinate for almost 1month now.

Dr. Lovethjia in the post she shared on Instagram, revealed that Jay Boogie’s two kidneys have failed and he would be needing a kidney transplant.

And the post read;

“At this stage, Jayboogie needs a Kidney Transplant! Both kidneys have failed! We prayed and wished it never got to this stage but
this is it!!! I will drop other updates soon!!!”

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