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How the government seized Banana Island from my father, a Nigerian-American Remi Adeleke Narrated

Remi Adeleke, a Nigerian-American, argues that Banana Island belonged to his father before the government took it away from him.
Remi Adeleke said this in a post on his official Twitter profile while commemorating the United States’ Independence Day.

According to the former US Navy Seal, his father left Nigeria during his adolescence for the United Kingdom, and after finishing his study, he returned a successful man with his knowledge with the purpose of establishing a World Trade Center.

However, the Nigerian government, he claims, had in 1987 illegally taken away all his assets, including his man made island which was renamed to Banana Island.

Read his full account below:

“My Dad left Nigeria?? in his late teens to be educated in the West??

After completing his bachelors and Masters in the UK??, he created multiple business in the West ????and generated more wealth than he could have ever imagined.

Dad brought all his talents and expertise back to Nigeria?? with the hopes of creating a World Trade Center/African Wall Street.

When I was born in Nigeria?? I was surrounded by wealth, servants, opulence and two loving parents who despite having it all, modeled the importance hard work, never being a victim and never being satisfied with mediocrity.

In 1987 the Nigerian government?? illegally and corruptly stole all of my dad’s assets, including his man made island that’s now worth billions and was renamed to Banana Island.

While fighting the Nigerian government?? in court, he mysteriously died weeks later.

We went from rich to poor over night.

Mom brought my brother and me to America??

It wasn’t easy, as we literally started from the bottom in the Bronx??

My brother and I applied what our parents instilled in us at an early age, and despite the plethora of mistakes I made, we both became very successful.

Without the opportunities America?? has afforded my family, I’d be nothing. Yeah, America?? isn’t perfect. We have our issues, just like every other country on the planet, but America?? is one of the handful of places in the world where you can start with nothing, put in the work, and end up at the top.

I love this country??, and I’m not ashamed to say it. And the moment I feel otherwise, I’m gonna pack my stuff up, teach my kids a new language and seek life elsewhere.

With that said, #HappyIndependenceDay ?? #4thofjuly”


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