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“If A Man Offers Me $500k, I’ll See Him As A Ritualist” – Phyna Says

Phyna, a reality star, has said that a man will offer her a certain amount of money, making her question his intentions.

She stated that if a man promises her $500,000 as a gift without expecting anything in return, she will be concerned and may even label the individual a ritualist.

The actress announced an edition of the ‘Spill With Phyna’ podcast while speaking with a colleague, Uriel, who said she would gladly accept such an enticing offer.

Uriel imagined a situation in which a guy asks her to fly with him to Dubai for dinner, but she refuses until he offers her $500k, at which point she agrees.

Phyna said; But I sef e get money wey I go hear I go just call you ritualist immediately, you can use me. I know it believes say you fit give me that money… E get some kind money you go tell sef I go shout.”


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