IGP Suspends Abba Kyari, Thorough Investigations Begins.

Abba Kyari is suspended
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari has been suspended to give room for investigations following the allegations levied against him.

The evidence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which has gone viral on all social media platforms has made the Inspector General of Police, Nigeria gave a strict order to relieve Kyari off his National duties.

It started out as a review of the allegations and indictment processes followed against Abba Kyari by the FBI. That action ordered by the Inspector General of Police has now given way for the full fetch investigations on the celebrated crime fighter. The IGP has also ordered a special investigating crime panels to carryout a thorough investigations which involves four Police Investigating Officers.

DCP Kyari now in a deep mess in one of the international scandals involving accused internet fraudster Ramon Olorunwa Abbas aka Ray Hushpuppi, who recently pleaded guilty of all charges before the U.S court.

The District Court for the South-Central District Court of California said that Hushpuppi used Abba Kyari to arrest and jail a co-conspirator over a fraudulent act committed in business with a Kateri man, money worth over one million dollars . An allegation which Kyari has denied to take place.

The 69-page of the so-called documents presented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that the arrest was made after one, Mr. Vicent Chibuzo threatened to expose a one million fraud. However, An expert who comprehends the workings of the FBI has said that DCP must be prepared to put up a strong defense.

Sources within Police Defense has said that Kyari was on a journey to solve a huge crime before this complication arose and now, his celebrated status as an outstanding police officer is being threatened.

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