Is Drinking Water First thing In The Morning Healthy?


This is a very important question to be addressed because first of all when we wake up in the morning our mouths are sour because of the long hours of sleep, so why would i want to drink water just right after i get up from bed.

Well, it is shocking to know that drinking water immediately we wake up hydrates the body and cleanses our bowels. I will list out some healthy benefits associated with this habit:

1.) It Keeps The Body Hydrated

Most people say that your urine is clearly darker when you wake up because you are dehydrated. But it is only darker because you didnt drink fluids while you were sleeping. If you notice, the more you drink fluids during the day, the more the urine is clear and almost transparent.

When your body is dehydrated, you get the signs from being thirsty which prompts you to drink water. So drinking water first thing in the morning clearing flushes your system.

2.) It Keeps You On Top Of Your Game Mentally

if you want to be on top of your game, such as memorizing or learning new things have atleast a glass of water just after you wake up from sleep.

3.) It Helps Flush Out Toxins And Make Your Skin Healthy

As we all know, the kidneys are the main organs that regulate the balance of fluids in the body and they need water intake to flush out toxins from the body.

Also, drinking water early in the morning helps to reduce acne and aids a well moisturized skin.

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