Japanese Actor, Sonny Chiba Dies At 82

The ''Kill Bill'' Star died at 82

Japanese Actor, Sonny Chiba who has appeared and showed his martial arts skills in about 100 movies is reportedly dead.

The star who acted in Kill Bill allegedly died in a hospital near Tokyo where he had been treated for Covid-19 since August 8, Tokyo-based Astraia, his management office, said in a statement.

Sonny rose to stardom in Japan in the 1960s, portraying samurai, fighters and police detectives, the anguished so-called “anti-heroes” trying to survive in a violent world.

He did many of the stunt scenes himself.

His overseas career took off after his 1970s Japanese film The Street Fighter proved popular in the US.

American director Quentin Tarantino listed the work as among his “grindhouse”, or low-budget kitsch cinema, favorites.

Reacting to his death, American Actor, Lewis Tan said;

“A true action legend. Your films are eternal and your energy an inspiration. #SonnyChiba #RIP,” 

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