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Judy Austin Preach To Young Girls Living Wayward Lifestyle As She Joins Yul Edochie To Minister

Judy Austin joined her husband Yul Edochie to preach during his online service, and her focus was on young women living a wayward life and following “small boys.”

Actor Yul Edochie, who recently revealed that God called him to start a ministry, went online on Sunday, Feb. 25, to preach to his listeners.

While speaking, his second wife, now called “Mummy GO” by their members, joined him to preach to members on the topic of relationships.

Judy focused on young women who should be studying, yet are busy being girlfriends to young men.

She said: “What of our girls that you go to school to read, to gain the knowledge that will shape your life, Your focus of being there is to go and be playing wife role to another small boy that knows nothing. Come on!

“And then you see them, I’m talking to you if you’re one of those girls, their nails will be as long as this, their lashes will almost get to their forehead, what are you trying to prove? What are you trying to look like? Like you’re the ‘It girl’? No, my love, you’re not. That is you being distracted from what you were sent to school to do.”

She also admonished young women who are working or learning a skill. She urged them not to let peer pressure make them do things they shouldn’t do.

Judy said: “Don’t destroy yourself with your own hands. Don’t do it because Amaka is dating that boy and that boy just bought Amaka iPhone 20… It is meaningless. Once you have your life in check, there is nothing you cannot accomplish in this life.”’

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Watch her speak in the video below.





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