JUST IN: Four Different Explosions Rock Maiduguri Communities

In the early hours of today, Saturday, December 4, multiple explosions reportedly rocked communities in Maiduguri destroying a building and injuring a small boy in the process.

According to reports, the explosions started very early with the first two exploding at Gomari airport and the third one landing in a building at one thousand housing estate near Hajj Transit Camp where the repentant Boko Haram insurgents are being housed.

A witness said:

“I heard the first explosion early in the morning and then the second one, then I came out to see where it was happening before the third one landed in our estate. I saw when it landed and I immediately laid on the ground. The moment it landed in the house, the whole place became dark with dust.

“The fourth one landed elsewhere but it was not as heavy as the first three. The first two landed in Gomari very close to the air force base,” Adamu Audu, a resident of one thousand housing estate said

“The explosion destroyed a house in our estate very close to my house, it didn’t kill anyone but it injured a small boy of not more than 9 years old.”

Another source, an Air Force personnel, also confirmed that the insurgents have been attempting to infiltrate Maiduguri city since yesterday but they could not have access due to the right security and they resolved to launch rocket explosives targeting the pilgrims camp.

He said:

“Since yesterday in the evening they have been trying to penetrate Maiduguri city but the military kept frustrating them with the support of aircrafts they were chased away, so I think they hid in the nearby bushes around the city and resorted to launching explosives targeting the Hajj camp. But everything is back to normal now,”

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