Lil Frosh Contract Terminated

‘’The DMW superstar and rapper Lil Frosh has been excommunicated from the record label on the allegation of domestic violence’’.

  ‘’Lil Frosh  whose real name is Sanni Goriola Wasiu cease to be on recording contract with the company which was revealed in a press statement by DMW dated October 6, 2020 which read thus ‘’In light of recent allegation made against Mr Sanni Goriola aka Lil Frosh, we would like to state that as a record label, domestic violence is not a trivial matter and we will never support or condone such behavior’’.

  ‘’There is no excuse for the actions of Lil Frosh and we understand that there can be nothing said or done that can take away the insensitivity shown’’.

 ‘’Upon internal investigation carried out by the label we are left with no choice than to terminate the recording contract that exist between the label and Lil Frosh effective immediately. We hereby immediately severe all affiliations with Mr Sanni Goriola Wasiu a.k.a Lil Frosh.’’

  ‘’Once again we do not condone domestic violence and stand with all victim of domestic violence’’.

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