Listen and Download Top 10 Sinach Songs


Sinach is a Nigerian Gospel Artist with huge number of followers. Her song Way Maker has entered countries you can’t imagine and several remix has been done for that particular song. Just recently Sinach was given an award by Google for having over 1 million active subscribers.


LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD Songs by Sinach Compiled by Adahzion Blog

1. Sinach – I Know Who I Am

2. Way Maker by Sinach

3. Sinach The Name of Jesus

4. Sinach – Great Are You Lord

5. Sinach – There’s An Overflow

6. Sinach – This is Your Season

7. Sinach- You Do Mighty Things

8. Sinach – No One Knows

9. Sinach- Omemma

10. Sinach- More of You


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