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Man Cancels Marriage As Girlfriend Insists On Extravagant Wedding

A man has called off his proposed wedding and ended his engagement just days before the scheduled event due to his fiancee’s extravagant demands.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, shared his side of the story in a candid text message sent to Twitter influencer Wizarab.

The revelation has sparked discussions on social media platforms about the dynamics of relationships and the financial pressures associated with weddings.

According to the man’s account, the primary reason for his decision was his fiancee’s extravagant demands for an elaborate wedding that would have incurred an exorbitant cost.

The man expressed his reluctance to spend a staggering N17 million on a single event, stating that such an expense would amount to wastefulness from his perspective.

Faced with what he deemed an unreasonable expectation, he made the difficult choice to call off the wedding and end the relationship.

“I have called it off and my dad supports me saying he stands with any decision I take, her family has been calling me to resolve issues but I am not taking their calls. Am on my way now to Singapore to cool off just need to clear my head. tins will b fine, the man said.

Man cancels marriage as girlfriend insists on having extravagant wedding, relocates abroad

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