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Military Uncovered Plans By Criminal Elements To Attack Critical Infrastructure

The Defense Headquarters has said it had uncovered plans by criminal elements to attack critical infrastructure of the country. DHQ said, measures to forestall such attacks had been put in place.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Thursday, the Director, Maj Gen Edward Buba, Defense Media Operations said the appropriate agency responsible for the protection of the nation’s critical infrastructure had been alerted.

Edward Buba said, “We are aware of some of the plans to target some critical infrastructure in the country. Accordingly, we have placed measures to forestall such plans.

“Security agencies responsible for securing critical infrastructure and facilities have also been placed on alert. Accordingly, some of such plans have been frustrated. ”

Buba added, “In this fight, citizens must understand that we must never compromise on security, otherwise everyone’s security will be compromised. This is a situation that cannot be over-emphasized for us to live in safety and security.

“These terrorists are the enemy that must be fought and defeated. They are responsible for keeping the nation in an almost constant state of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency.”

He also disclosed that last week, troops killed 187 terrorists and arrested 183 suspects, adding that crude oil products worth N1bn were recovered.

He said, “During the week under review, troops neutralised 187 and arrested 183 persons. Troops also arrested 26 perpetrators of oil theft and rescued 109 kidnapped hostages. In the SS, troops denied the oil theft of the estimated sum of N1,127,229,890.00 only.

“Furthermore, troops recovered 128 assorted weapons and 3,300 assorted ammunition. The breakdown is as follows: one PKT gun, 80 AK47 rifles, 15 locally fabricated guns, 15 Dane guns, 2 FN rifles, five pump action guns, two single barrel guns, four locally fabricated pistols, one fabricated barretta pistol, one locally made double barrel gun, two hand grenades, two primed IEDs and materials.

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“Troops in the Niger Delta area discovered and destroyed 18 dugout pits, 30 boats and 49 storage tanks. Other items recovered include 66 cooking ovens, four drums, five speedboats, 15 vehicles, two tricycles, one generator, 11 mobile phones, and 57 illegal refining sites. “

Newsmen reported that the country’s critical infrastructure, especially electricity towers had been under attack by vandals.

Attacks on electricity infrastructure have increased recently, causing a blackout in the affected areas.

Three electricity towers, T193, T194, and T195, were destroyed on December 28, 2023, by terrorists with improvised explosive devices in Borno State.

In June 2024, two towers, T193 and T194, along the 330 kilovolts single circuit transmission line were destroyed by vandals in Borno State.

On Sunday, troops foiled a terrorist attack on an electricity infrastructure in Yobe State.


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