Nigeria @ 60: 20 #RevolutionNow Protesters Were Arrested And Later Released In Osogbo

As Nigeria celebrates her 60th Independence Anniversary, the #Revolutionnow protesters took to the streets to protest in Osogbo, Osun State.

The protesters who were seen chanting anti-government songs held the protest in the old garage area.

Victor Abiodun, leader of the protesters urged Nigerians to join the peaceful protest to demand for a better Nigeria.

He said:

“It is bad that peaceful protesters will be harassed and arrested by security operatives. By the way, the security operatives are suffering also from the bad policies we are protesting against too.”

Attempts by the Department of State Security to stop protest against bad governance on Thursday failed as arrested protesters regrouped after they were released and embarked on peaceful protest across major streets in the state capital.

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