Nigeria @ 60: ‘ I Didn’t Even Listen To Him, Because I know He Won’t Say Anything’: Ayo Adebanjo

There has been alot of reactions emanating from President’s Buhari’s speech today to commemorate the 60th Independence Anniversary of Nigeria.

Chief Ayo Adebanjo, an elder statesman hasn’t been left out from the many reactions. According to him, he did not bother listening to the live broadcast because he knows Mr. President would not have anything to say.

He said:

“Mr President does not understand the problem of this country; hence does not have a solution to the problem.

“I didn’t even listen to him at all because I know he won’t say anything. 

“People are talking about the unity of the country but he is talking about petroleum prices.

“You need to understand the problem before you know the theory to be applied.

“If you understand the problem, then you talk about the solution, palliatives and the alternatives.

“Those of us who fought for the independence of the country have not been happy about that it. That is all I have to say.”

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