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Nigerian student faces deportation from Scotland.

Somtochukwu Okwuoha, a Nigerian master’s student at Dundee University in Scotland, could go to jail or be deported after a jury found him guilty of threatening to carry out terrorist acts against the university.

The media reported that Okwuoha informed staff he intended to launch a chemical attack on the city and claimed he had recruited Isis to assist in bombing the university.

Next month, the 26-year-old will receive a sentence.

The motion for an order to deport Okwuoha to Nigeria from the Crown will also be considered by Sheriff William Wood.

At a trial, it was revealed that Okwuoha had informed faculty and staff that he intended to commit mass murder on the Dundee University campus.

Witnesses related how Okwuoha claimed to have military experience and to be able to make bombs and infect the city with a deadly virus.

The 58-year-old former director of student services, Keith Mackle, informed Perth Sheriff Court that he learned of “serious concerns” in the fall of 2021.

Employees were sent emails containing threats against terrorists, he claimed.

“Expect a massive bomb explosion at the University of Dundee,” one person stated. I’ve made contact with terrorists from ISIS to set off bombs on campus.

There will be bloodshed and flesh strewn everywhere.

Shane Taylor, the accommodation officer, testified in court that Okwuoha had called him a racist and threatened to exterminate the Scottish people in retaliation.

Okwuoha, a prisoner in Perth, was found guilty of making terrorist threats and threatening to kill university employees between December 2021 and June 2022.

He was found guilty of using biological weapons, threatening to kill a large number of people, disclosing personnel information to foreign authorities, and claiming to have planted bombs.

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He was also convicted of threatening police officers and planting bombs at Dundee University.



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