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Nnamdi Kanu Gets New Senior Attorney To Lead Defence Against Nigerian Government

Nnamdi Kanu’s Gets New Senior Attorney To Lead Defence Against Nigerian Govt

 Detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has gotten a new senior attorney to lead his pro-Biafra defence team against the Nigerian government.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, the lead counsel to the IPOB leader, who revealed this in a statement, said that he visited Kanu in the detention of the Department of State Services (DSS) on Monday, describing it as “a surprise Christmas present.”

According to Ejiofor, the lawyer is a “legal giant, a consummate member of the Inner Bar, a legal Iroko, who has distinguished himself in the practice of law.”

He decided not to reveal the identity of the new lawyer, noting that, “We have opted to desist from publicising to you our legal exploits for certain salutary reasons. It has also become necessary that we show such restraint because of the presence of moles who have infiltrated and literally taken over the social media space.”

The statement read, “We paid our routine visit to our untiring, unwavering, unrelenting, rock-solid and noble client, Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, yesterday, at the DSS detention facility at Abuja. The visit, this time, was spectacular and was greeted by an infectious air of camaraderie. Onyendu was particularly enthused by the visit and preferred to describe it as ‘A SURPRISE CHRISTMAS PRESENT’.

“You may not understand the peculiarity of this visit and how significant it is. But in due course, I am certain you will be in the best position to fully appreciate the wisdom that informed it. Suffice it to say that as the lead attorney of Onyendu, I took advantage of the visit to unveil a legal giant, a distinguished and an accomplished member of the Inner Bar, whom I have chosen to fortify our defence team.

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“The learned Senior counsel is an excellent and a consummate learned gentleman, distinguished in academics and in the practice of law in our law courts. The reason that informed this arrangement is my unflinching desire to throw in every weapon in our arsenal to ensure that Onyendu gets the BEST at all times.

“This latest masterstroke, evident in the legal giant that has intervened, came to Onyendu as a big surprise. Although he was not oblivious of my arrangement to enlist the assistance and co-operation of a Senior attorney, he did not know that I could get a Senior attorney of the rarest breed. He was particularly delighted to welcome this legal giant, a consummate member of the Inner Bar, a legal Iroko, who has distinguished himself in the practice of law when we visited him yesterday.

“I must state here and now that the Senior attorney involved has been my mentor over the years. He has worked from the sidelines with our legal team since 2016. He is a man imbued with profound intellect, legal sophistry, an infectious sense of history, much like Onyendu, and of impeccable character. His brilliance radiates effortlessly. He is indeed an excellent advocate.

“The stage which we have attained in the court gymnastics involving Onyendu signposts an auspicious time at which to introduce the leading and erudite member of the Inner Bar to our defence team.

“Henceforth, he will lead our defence team in proceedings in court.

“At the meeting yesterday, we deliberated extensively on other issues. But such deliberations, for tactical reasons, are to remain private for now. I want to assure you, UMUCHINEKE, that our legal team, is, presently, more fortified than ever to do battle in court, and God being on our side, victory is assured,” the statement said further.

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“I must hasten to declare to you that we are not relenting in our firm resolve to secure the release of other members who have been unjustly and unlawfully incarcerated in the various detention facilities of Nigeria’s security agencies all over the country.

“Some of those persons include Ada Nsukka, Idara, and others, who were recently abducted by lawless and overzealous agents of the state. I assure you that in due course we will effectively utilise the instrumentality of the law to set them at liberty.

“The mere fact that we do not publicise our legal interventions in the social media space does not mean that we are not taking concrete and effective steps to secure the release of all those unjustly detained. I assure you that we have been taking effective steps and implementing concrete measures geared towards that.



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