Prof. Felicia Adedoyin, The Author Of Nigeria’s National Pledge Dies At 83

Prof. Felicia Adedoyin

The Author of Nigeria’s National Pledge, Prof. Felicia Adedoyin,83 reportedly dies after a brief illness on Saturday, May 1.

Prof. Adedoyin wrote the pledge in 1976. According to reports, She was inspired to write the pledge following questions by her children who had been used to reciting the Oath of Allegiance while in school in New York, and the State Pledge in Achimota School, Ghana.

She then published the pledge in the Daily Times in July 15, 1976, in an article titled “Loyalty to the Nation, Pledge’”. It was shown to the then Head of State, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, who modified it and introduced it to the country during the formal launch of the Universal Free Primary Education (UPE) and decreed that all school children recite the National Pledge during assembly.

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