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Reverend Commits Suicide As Adultery Scandal Leaks On Church’s WhatsApp Group

A United Methodist Church Reverend has allegedly committed suicide after his adultery scandal was leaked in the church’s WhatsApp group.

According to local news platforms in Zimbabwe, Harare East District Superintendent, Rev. Oscar Mukahanana, could not withstand the shame and reportedly committed suicide on Friday, October 20.

The audio of his secret meeting and conversation with the lady leaked on the WhatsApp group of the church. He reportedly talked about how happy he was that he gave the girl a good session before her menstrual cycle.

After the audio leaked on the WhatsApp group, his church members subjected him to an object of mockery as they began to forward it to other groups.

Mukahanana, who felt humiliated and embarrassed over the matter, then committed suicide on Friday when he could not withstand the shame.

Confirming the death of the cleric, UMC Harare District said in a statement, “It is with heavy heart to announce to you the untimely death of our Beloveth District Superintendent Rev Oscar Mukahanana of the Harare East District. The Office of the Bishop shall be informing the church of developments and funeral arrangements. As a Church, you are being cordially requested to support the Mukahanana family through your prayers.”


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