The first instinct of uninformed men when it comes to money is to spend it and that is the proof that they are uninformed. Some people even say, what is money meant for, if not to be spent.

People who understand money and its laws will tell you that when you are given Ten thousand naira, you are only permitted to spend Ten thousand naira when the original Ten thousand naira has made at least three times its original value. If you do that and indiscriminately spend the money that comes into your hand, it shows that you will never really become wealthy. So how then do I pay my bills and meet my needs? To the informed that is easy; out of the Ten thousand naira that came into your hand, put Five thousand naira to work so that in the next few months or maybe a year or more, that fifty percent will keep on working for you.

The mistake poor people make is that they see rich people buying and using flashy stuff and they want to copy them. The poor man only sees the luxury of the rich, not the laws that brought him there. Since the poor do not know or are aware of the mechanism that is working for the rich, they are not aware that the rich man is only spending after many returns have come back on his money. Rich people don’t spend the original capital they have, they only spend the overflow.

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On the other hand, the poor man sees the luxury of the rich and rushes to become like him and throws away the initial meager amount of money in his hands. Some people even do worse, they don’t just spend the little money in their hands, they go ahead and borrow or spend in installments what they have not yet made. That way these people perpetually not only become poor, but slaves to the rich people since they have to keep on going to work for them so as to pay for their debt. Meanwhile, those rich men that the poor men are copying have already built companies, factories, stores, where the poor man eventually goes to spend the little money he has in his hands. So as soon as the rich men pay their poor workers their salaries, they have already built outlets where the poor men immediately rushes to go spend this money, returning this money into the pocket of the rich

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