‘The Court Is Saying We Should Not Go On Strike, The Court Injunction Will Not Work’- Labour

The industrial strike and a nationwide protest declared by the organized labour over the increase in the prices of fuel and electricity tariff commences early Monday morning despite the court injunction.

According to the General Secretary of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Emmanuel Ugboaja, and the President of Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Quadri Olaleye, all seaports, air space, government offices, banks, courts, fuel and electricity installations across the country would be shut down.

Speaking further, Comrade Olaleye said: “It is just a kangaroo injunction. It is totally wrong at this period. The court is saying we should not go on strike. Can it stop somebody from protesting for his right? That will not work. They are talking about people’s rights. As workers, we have two caps on our heads: we are government workers, and at the same time we are citizens.  If you are saying that as workers, we cannot strike, then we can protest as citizens.

“So, the court injunction will not work. They are just trying to create a crisis for the government. I am sure that those who went to court to get that injunction don’t have the interest of the nation and the government, especially the president, at heart. They don’t like the president, if not, they will know that issues like these are not resolved in that manner. So, we continue to mobilize.”

“yes, the protest and the strike commence on Monday.”

Also speaking, the NLC General Secretary, Comrade Ugboaja, said: “The court can’t stop us now. You know that court can’t stop us. It’s not today people have been getting black market injunctions. No court can be used to stop people’s protest. You can use the court to resolve election petitions, not people’s unhappiness with their stomach. The court cannot deal with that. We are not telling them we want to occupy positions. We are telling them that the position they occupy, they should use it on our behalf. The court cannot stop that.”

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“all will be shut. The notices have gone out. All affiliate unions have sent notices to their members. We have members in maritime; we have in air transport; we have in rail. Abuja rail will not run. Lagos rail will not run. Banks and all other sectors won’t work. 

“All the affiliates of the NLC and the TUC in all the sectors of the economy have issued notices to their members to ensure total compliance.”

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