Three weeks Lockdown lifted in Bornu state


The Bornu state government has suspended its lockdown, as there has been a rapid decline of the COVID 19 cases in the state.

This statement was announced by the COVID 19 response team Chairman, Umar Kadafur, who is also the Deputy Governor of the state.

he, however, noted that “There has been significant progress in the fight against Covid-19 over the last three weeks,” adding that the stringent COVID-19 measures have yielded desired results of surveillance, testing, and treatments of patients.

Umar warned that in a situation where the cases arise, the state government should revert to the status quo.

“The use of facemasks by the public; is mandatory and enforceable by the COVID-19 pandemic response team,” he said.

He also directed traditional; religious and community leaders and other opinion leaders to enforce social distancing at public gatherings and places of worship.

While lamenting non-compliance to social distancing, he said: “There should be a restriction on public gatherings, especially funeral processions/rights, weddings, naming ceremonies to not more than 20 persons.

“All medical consultations by Pharmacies and patent medicine stores that are related to Covid-19 or similar ailments; be referred to the government hospital,” he said; warning that as defaulters will be prosecuted.

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