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Two Lessons Africa Should Learn From The Ukraine- Russia Crisis

Africa has a couple of lessons to learn from the Ukraine-Russia crisis, as the bombs of Russian SU-57 fighter jets are challenged by the screeching of Ukrainian Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, they should gain significant insight into major power competition.

In this article, I will discuss two lessons Africa should learn from this crisis, as this is embedded in the diplomatic, security, and strategic competition of the United States and Russia in Ukraine.

1.) The Ukraine Crisis has shown Africans that Russia still has designs of re-establishing its colonial-style domination of its former republics like Ukraine. Russia is not the benign middleman pursuing altruistic goals on the continent. It will put its national interests at the center of its foreign policy in Ukraine and on the African continent.

This includes aggressively pursuing unilateralism in invading a sovereign country such as Ukraine while ignoring alternate multilateral frameworks like Brics in engaging with diplomatic challenges. The protests against Russia’s actions from Brazil, South Africa, India, and China did nothing to dissuade it from invading Ukraine.

2.) In the strategic realm, Russia’s actions in Ukraine show to Africa that major power competition results in weak nations suffering. Weak states suffer the brunt of destruction when major powers play dangerous strategic games.

Ukraine is not so lucky to find itself as the playfield for great power rivalry of the US and its allies on one hand, and the Russians on the other. The fact that Ukraine is not considered a core strategic interest that the US is ready to fight for in confronting Russia militarily, is an ominous sign for African nations. Many African nations have even weaker national institutions, militaries, and border controls than Ukraine.

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Also, Ukraine shows that major powers will take unilateral action in protecting their national interests irrespective of geographic location. In Eastern Europe today, it is the Russians, in Libya it was the Americans, in Syria, it is a contest between the US and Russia.


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