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Unconcerned Davido updates his Instagram story for the first time after being accused of impregnating several different women

Following accusations from many women that he caused their pregnancies, Davido makes his first update to his Instagram story.

Nigerian musician Davido finally made an update to his Instagram story after receiving criticism from two women who claimed to be his expectant partners.

The musician responded modestly while uploading a song from his album “Unavailable.”

Remember how Frenchwoman Ivanna Bayy and American Anita both claimed the singer caused their pregnancies?

Ivanna called out the celebrity she claimed was acting improperly on her official Instagram.

This happened only a few hours after American woman Anita Brown claimed to be the artist’s unborn child.

Davido was allegedly promoting his songs in Paris when the French woman claimed to have met him. She said that they had a brief liaison and that he caused her to become pregnant.

The woman then inquired about Davido’s number of expectant mothers. She stated in her story:

Tell me, please, how many baby mothers you have. Do we simply need to prepare for a soccer team?

A lot of Nigerians have reacted angrily to the charges, with many accusing Davido of having several affairs.

Below is an update from Davido:

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