“Work out…Lose weight “ the new accessory.

Over the years women have been body shamed into Depression, obesity, mental health, and many more.

Years ago before the Kardashian’s decided to have African curves, Curvy women were considered ugly, Not beautiful enoug.

But through the years we have seen women stand up and embraced their curves and appearance because of the “Body positivity Movement “, which didn’t only enable women to be seen but to be heard too.

But ever since the “ big Boodie” invasions every girl big or small all want to have an curvy body even if they weren’t naturally created by God like that.

We applaud women for speaking up, feeling healthy, looking healthy. But with the increasing rate of body pics all over social Media platform only showing bodies of women who are happy about the health benefits but cloths fitting and sex appeal benefit . And the multiple downloads of numerous work out app” and “meal planner apps” given the developers serious cash, we ask:

“Is weight loss the new must have accessory?”.

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