Young Lady Reportedly Kidnapped In Abuja

An Istanbul-based Nigerian man, Iwuala Nnamdi, has said his cousin, Favour Amajor, was kidnapped in Abuja.

The young lady was last seen on Monday afternoon, July 25, 2022. at Dawaki Galadima area of the Federal Capital Territory.

According to Mr. Iwuala, the kidnapper sent a message to her family, saying they will never see her again.  

“DISTRESS CALL; PLEASE HELP!!! My Younger cousin was KIDNAPPED. This AFTERNOON at Dawaki Galadinma FCT-Abuja.

“Her Phone is Switched and the Only Message they sent is THAT WE WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN. 

“Her Name is FAVOUR MAJOR. LAST seen: Dawaki Galadinma FCT-Abuja. PHONE NO: 08189178218. PLEASE HELP US SHARE THIS. JAH Bless wrote !!”

Young lady allegedly kidnapped in Abuja, abductors tell family "you will never see her again"


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