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A Fruitful Day Spent with Manu Odinga

A fruitful day spent with a man of unique vision called Madu Odinga is like an unending timely experience in this profession. Madu Odinga is a Doctor of Medical Science, Nigeria with more than thirty years of experience. He is the Founder of Modern Kinesiotherapy (neurology and orthopedics) which is an alternative method of treating chronic diseases, injuries of musculoskeletal system.

“Keep in mind a simple truth and listen to nobody – joint diseases are treatable even at an old age”

This doctor’s discovery has claimed that he can cure osteochondrosis which developed during 18 years in a couple of months. That he can cure a very old people suffering from the most severe case of arthritis in a couple days of 78.

However, as for the joint pains, if well treated, it will be gone within 4 working days. Through his 48 years in medical practice, he keeps confirming each of his statements by showing how it works in action.

Not long after he participated in a live broadcast on TV show (the episode on the topic of ‘keeping your joints healthy at any age’), a popular medical doctor, Madu Odinga in an agreed statement decided to give an interview.

He has come to introduce to all, a medical redefined herbal pain reliever called Motion Free.

Natural Resolution of Inflammation – what is Motion free, how to purchase & use it, how much does it cost?

Motion Free is said to be a product which can quickly remove pain caused by such diseases as arthrosis, osteochondrosis and rheumatoid arthrosis. It eliminates muscle spasms and inflammation. Motion Free is also effective in treating osteochondrosis and arthrosis because it slows down the process of cartilage tissue degeneration also, boosts its metabolism, promoting articular cartilage repair. The positive effect can be seen right after the first application. If it is used often, Spine problems, diseases and joint issues stop progressing.

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One of the question asked from Dr. Madu Odinga on the TV interview, was that is it true that joints diseases osteochondrosis are inevitable for mature people?

He responded : “Of course, it is not true. Excessive trust in doctors who strive to cure you for ten years but never succeed in doing so, that is inevitable for mature people. As a matter of fact, joints chondrosis and the entire skeletal system can be very well treated at any age. And this is not a sudden miracle but just pure science.

‘If you know the secret and put a bit of efforts in terms of self-discipline, you can cure the disease at home very fast, thousands of my patients do that.”

And what is the secret behind this motion free?

“The secret is in understanding why you have pains. Overall there are up to 147 different possible reasons for the development of osteochondrosis and arthrosis listed in medical encyclopedias, but the consequence is one and the same – joints, vertebra and cartilage lose their elasticity, hence the pain. They are worn out because of poor blood circulation.

That’s the whole secret; we cure the joint by restoring its blood supply. However, isn’t it generally conceded that it is almost impossible to restore blood circulation after the age of 45?

This is total nonsense. I got myself out of a wheelchair after an injury, and this was more serious that just turning 45.”

Other Information details can be found on their official website as well as discount on price for the magical Gel.

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