Kanu Is Being Subjected To Mental Torture And His Health Is Deteriorating- Lawyer

nnamdi kanu

The Lawyer of Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB, Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor, has raised an alarm saying that his client Nnamdi is being subjected to mental torture and his health is deteriorating.

Barrister Ifeanyi on Monday said that Kanu was brought into the country last Sunday after being detained, maltreated and subjected to all forms of inhuman treatment and inflicted with severe injuries due to the handcuffs that were put on his hands for hours before he was brought to court.

He said;

“There is an underlined fact that my client will not get a fair trial in that court, that is settled. The issue of fair trial has been taken away by this collaboration. But we will keep on watching and we are going to see them in court.”

“I have seen him and he has given me every information and details about what transpired in Kenya, how he was arrested, how he was taken to an unknown destination and how he was maltreated and how they nearly killed him over there. And it is obvious from what he told me that it was at the behest of the federal government that they were doing those things until when they beckoned to them to come. This is against, and obvious infractions of all international laws and treaties, but we are going to address it at that level.

“It is obvious from every indication that my client will not get a fair trial in this court, until when the contrary is established,” 

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“He’s being subjected to mental torture as I speak with you. Because when someone is in incarceration as a political prisoner, which he is, he has no access to his wife, he has no access to his brothers, he has no access to his relatives to interact with them. Even lawyers who are coming to see him are coming with a specific approval by the DG SSS. So it shows that he is undergoing mental torture and it is worse still that Nnamdi Kanu is under a debilitating health situation.

He went on further to state that his health is deteriorating and his health needs to be addressed as soon as possible, stressing that it is only a living that can face trial.


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