President of NANS Allegedly Accused Of Embezzlement

On Tuesday, at an emergency senate meeting held via zoom, Mr. Danielson Bamidele Akpan was impeached by the Senate Arm of the Association for missappropriation of funds.

Mr Danielson who assumed office as NANS president in July 2018, has served beyond his tenure of 12 months, causing officials and other stakeholders to complain over his prolonged stay in office.

According to reports, the accusations levelled against include: gross imcompetence, elongation of his one-year tenure, misappropriation of fundsto the tuneof $200k amongst others.

However, in a statement released on tuesday:

“abused his office by doing arbitrary and unlawful acts which are prejudicial to the rights of other members of the NANS all in violation of the Code of Conduct of an official of NANS as enshrined in Schedule 3 of the Constitution and Charter of Demand of NANS.”

“The former NANS President was also indicted for having not been remorseful, despite being exposed that he had received the money as alleged but rather resorted to threatening the lives of members of the committee in an attempt to deter and intimidate them from carrying out their constitutionally mandated function and also threatened the life of the senate president Mr. Gambo Abu Mohammed.”

“This committee recommended to senate that in exercise of the senate powers and functions encapsulated and vividly provided in Article 13 (a) of the constitution and charter of demand of NANS to remove the president, Mr. Danielson Bamidele Akpan from office and expel him from the Organization with immediate effect.”

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