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Things You Need To Known About The UK’s Longest-Serving Monarch Qeen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born in born 21 April 1926 in London, as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York.

Her father became king upon the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII making Elizabeth the heir presumptive.

Queen Elizabeth II was homeschooled alongside her only sibling Princess Margaret who was born in 1930. The two princesses were educated under the supervision of their mother and their governess, Marion Crawford. Elizabeth’s schooling also included learning to ride, swim, dance, and study fine art and music.

She married Philip Mountbatten, a former prince of Greece and Denmark in November 1947 and she had four children: Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

After the Death of her father in February 1952, Elizabeth at the age of 25 became Queen. Crowned in a grand coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey, she sets out on a tour of the Commonwealth, visiting places including Bermuda, Fiji, Tonga, Australia, and Gibraltar.

Queen Elizabeth II became head of seven independent Commonwealth countries after her coronation. These countries were the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon (known today as Sri Lanka), as well as the Head of the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II was the first British monarch to visit the Republic of Ireland since its independence in 1922.

Queen Elizabeth II toured every region of Britain ahead of the four-day party in June to mark the jubilee, while other royals made visits across the Commonwealth.

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She used her handbag to send signals to her staff. According to Vickers, the bag is used by the Queen to indicate her wishes when navigating official functions. If the Queen shifts her bag from one hand to the next, it signals that she is ready to end her current conversation.

Throughout her reign, she endured republican sentiment and criticism of the royal family, particularly after the breakdown of her children’s marriages; her annus horribilis in 1992; the 1997 death of her former daughter-in-law Diana, Princess of Wales, and extensive media coverage of her son Andrew’s association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Queen Elizabeth II holds the record for the most countries visited by an individual monarch. She visited more than 120 countries on six continents. During World War II, young Princess Elizabeth briefly became known as No. 230873, Second Subaltern Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor of the Auxiliary Transport Service No. 1.

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign of 70 years and seven months is the longest of any British monarch.

Queen Elizabeth 11 died peacefully at Balmoral castle at the age of 96, the royal family said in a statement on Thursday.


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