Who Do You Blame When A Child Fails In School?

who do you blame if a child fails in school

This is a topic i really felt should be spoken on as there are alot of reasons why people blame the teachers and others blame the students.

There has been a lot of controversies surrounding this topic.

Now, in your own perspective, who do you think should be blamed? I believe that while the teacher has a major role to play, the student and parents also have a massive role to play also.

The reason why i will say the teachers are to be held responsible is because of the following reasons:

1.) Some Teachers Are Hot Tempered

Children are bound to ask questions almost at all times and especially in school. Now, when a student asks a question in school, the response or attitude from the teacher already determines whether that child would understand or not. If responded to harshly, the child automatically has developed fear to ask any further questions and has lost his understanding capacity.

2.) Some Teachers Are Not Sensitive

A teachers sensitivity is so paramount in the learning ability of his student. He/ she must understand that not all his students would learn way. Some students are quick to learn while some are abit slow. A very sensitive teacher should be a bit more patient with all his students, even if it means repeating some explanations and demonstrations. Being a good teacher doesnt mean just finishing your syllabus, it also means being able to have all your students understand to an extent that they are well grounded in the subjects/ courses.

3.) Some Teachers Just Dislike Some Particular Students

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Sometimes a child’s bad grades is not due to his inability to understand or comprehend what he is being taught, some teachers just dislike some students personally based on some reasons like social status, stubbornness etc so they deliberately fail the child.


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