Father Caught Sleeping With His Daughter

Sexual Harassment

The 52 years of age man was trapped in bed with his 18 years of age little girl and the girl asserts that he has been sleeping with her since she was 7 years of age. As per the data got, Josephine said her dad threatened to kill her and her mom should she let her know about the thing that has been occurring between them.

Whenever his wife not around he would constrain his karma on her while undermining her. The dad acknowledged all claims against him and said that his girl is too lovely to be in any way sleeping with another man.

He further mentions that her girl’s body has a place with him, and he can do anything he needs with her. Josephine said she has consistently mentioned to her mom what her dad has been doing since she was a little, however, her mom would reveal to her not to lie against her dad. The man has been captured awaiting additional examinations

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